These are elegant curtains whose sides are held back and can overlap each other. Since this type of curtains may need exact measurements to achieve proper proportions of the curtain in relation to the window, made –to-measure curtains can be the more practical instead of purchasing it ready made. Like any other type of pleating or folding curtains, it is best to measure the windows properly to get the right amount of fabric or the precise length and width of the crisscross curtain to be purchased.



Crisscross curtains can create interesting designs for your window areas while controlling the lighting and ventilation coming in. This type of curtain is very suitable for long or continuous windows creating a repetitive pattern which can be elegant in a room.



When the window’s measurements are not properly determined, a crisscross curtain can look odd or off. That is why it may be best to opt for made-to-measure curtains to get the proper length and width of the fabric.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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