You don’t need to own a mansion to make your living room look like one. In fact, living in a caravan has just as much comfort as living in a mansion, at least when it comes to home furnishing. Caravan curtains come in many selections.



Certain types caravan curtains allow for minimal privacy while others provide full privacy, others offer both by alternatives a net curtain with a full opaque curtain so these can be interchanged during the day and night. Caravan curtains also come in many other designs from ones with floral designs to plain colored ones. If you pair a set of caravan curtains with furniture of non-contrasting colors, you get yourself one comfortable caravan interior.



Since you live in a caravan, you may not have the luxury of having as many caravan curtains as you want. Also, if you move around a lot, there’s a chance the curtains will accumulate a lot of dust and that entails trips to dry cleaning.

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