Just like any other blinds, this type of Blind comes in different styles and has crossover version with other types such as Wooden Venetian Blinds but it’s just all about the material used. But all of these can add a certain charm to your home. The general ambiance wooden blinds can bring to your home is bringing nature back to your home while preserving the benefits of traditional blinds. A Wooden Blind is excellent in controlling natural light and the level of privacy the person desires.

Advantages of Wooden Blinds:

  1. Can endure high temperature and sunlight.
  2. The application of natural stains can maintain a perfect look.
  3. Perfect in keeping privacy.
  4. Can beauty and charm to the room.
  5. Lasts long when maintained properly.
  6. Cleaning is easier because of the material.

Disadvantages of Wooden Blinds:

  1. Traditionally expensive in comparison with other types of blinds.
  2. This type of Blind is heavy and thus it can be hard to install and operate.
  3. Even though it’s easier to clean, the frequency of cleaning is increased.
  4. Since it’s made of wood, you will need to apply chemical treatments to preserve the wood.
  5. Since wood absorbs moisture, it has the tendency to warp. Bathrooms and kitchens are not recommended areas.
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