Blinds under this category create a “classical” look for your home. Depending on your fabric, it can produce an elegant feel as well. A Roman Blind is composed of fabric gathered into pleats the moment the blind is raised. But in truth, Roman blinds can be constructed from a variety of materials so you won’t be left alone with only one option. This also makes Roman Blinds one of the most flexible among all blinds. Since this particular blind can be made out of a variety of materials, thick materials merged with reflective backing will keep the room interior warm during the winter season. And the opposite effect can also be achieved during the summer.

Advantages of Roman Blinds:

  1. The Blind can be made from a variety of materials.
  2. Wide range of color and style.
  3. Cost-effective, depending on choice of material.
  4. Can keep room temperature adaptable to exterior environment.
  5. Can create elegance depending on design choices.
  6. Easy to use.
  7. Perfect for large room such as a conservatory blinds.

Disadvantages of Roman Blinds:

  1. Dismantling can be a hassle especially if heavy fabric has been used.
  2. It has the tendency to obscure certain parts of the window, making it not advisable for small windows.
  3. If it is to be installed in a bedroom, this may not special consideration for sunlight especially when the blind base is shaped.

Certain designs are considered “frilly”.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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